See Kim Kardashian and Entire Family on Today’s Oprah

On June 18, 2012

Today’s episode of Oprah was definitely a juicy one. Kim, Khloe, Courtney and everyone else in the Kardashian family dished on absolutely everything. Nothing was left unmentioned.

Oprah has a way of asking those tough questions and while we don’t want to let anything slip because the episode has not yet aired for everyone reading this, let’s just say you are going to be completely blown away.

Hearing the in-depth conversations with Kim alone is enough to make you think twice about ever judging this young lady again. She has come so far and grown so much and it’s amazing she continues to be as strong of a woman that she is after everything she’s been through. Plus, this woman is sexy as hell; so at least tune in for that reason.

One Response to “See Kim Kardashian and Entire Family on Today’s Oprah”

  • Oprah did some pretty good points in that interview
    I totally agree with her that Kim did nothing besides that sex tape to become famous
    She made a bank with it

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