Kim to the Rescue: Kardashian’s Sex Diet

On August 10, 2012

Kim Kardashian may have been the founder of her well – known “sex diet” and she may have been using it effectively for her personal benefits; however, “is it applicable to others?” Questions have been raised as her elder sister, Kourtney Kardishian, gives birth to her daughter Penelope Scotland. Sources claimed that following her delivery of Mason, her first child, Kourtney had managed to get back into fitness. Critics question whether she may have “practiced what her sister preached”. With the birth of her second child Kim may be able to help her sister with some “sex diet” tips to ensure that she returns to her physique prior to delivery. With the discovery of such a remarkable weight loss plan Kim can certainly be of great help.

Kim Kardashian sex diet

Kim has always managed to create and maintain a bonding relationship with her sister and the kids. She is definitely fond of Mason. Although critics find her a bit prone to drawing the attention of the public and are not in total agreement with her so called “sex diet”, she shows her responsible and caring side many times. She is known to be very helpful with the kids and spends a lot of her time with them. She also does a bit of babysitting of her nephew. She tweets about spending awesome weekends with the family, with sleepovers, church and park visits, as well as outdoor fun with everyone. In the midst of all of the fun and excitement, she still manages to balance the schedule to accommodate her personal training and intimate life. She seems to pretty much enjoy what she does and she appears to be getting better at it every time. Kim Kardashian also manages to keep us up to date with her happenings. The thought of passing the day without a tweet about the Kardashians sparks concerns.

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  • ur ass is so fine girl i want ur tits

  • Ahhhhh Twitter invented so lifeless hormoious 15year olds can follow worthy Celebrities who say things like “I just took my friend to the gas station” “lol lights out on gas station sign *insert pointless pic here*”

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