Kim Kardashian’s Attention–Seeking Character

On September 4, 2012

Kim is enjoying her publicity and she is not doing it alone; her family is also in the picture. She is probably one of the few celebrities who involve family into their daily life. From the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to daily hangouts and shopping, her family is fully incorporated and actively participating and Kim appears to fancy these moments.

Critics argue that her attention – seeking character may just be the reason behind all of this. It’s really hard to imagine Kim Kardashian without the crowd; this would definitely be a torture for the reality TV actress. She spends weekends in the company of close family and friends. Her fans and critics have no reason to feel left out because she keeps them posted over the social media. They patiently await a daily tweet, or if they are lucky they may also be treated to a photo. Normally, the photo would be one that reveals part of her body. Critics claim that even if she shows off a group photo there would be something striking about her that would spark comments.

Most fans have started to view her actions as too repetitive and the monotony of her actions is brewing a huge wave of disinterest. It’s hard to stare at the same thing for too long! With her boyfriend now in the equation, she appears to be a little bit more regulated. However, lately he has been adding salt to injury by snapping and posting her photos also. It was as if the publicity issue created addiction. The critics and fans are also targeting him for such practice by posting comments that undermine his reputation and ratings. They claim that they have seen much more than he now snaps in the photos, probably referring to her past sex tape scandal.

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