Kim Kardashian Ripped Dress

On June 8, 2012

Kim Kardashian recently had quite a major wardrobe malfunction just before going on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The sexy reality star was wearing a tight, black leather dress and just before she was supposed to go on she tweeted a pick of her dress; clearly not wanting to stay zipped up. She tweeted, “About to do Jimmy Kimmel & my whole dress rips! Help!!! Time to sew me in…praying this works.”

Luckily, everything went smoothly for Kim and she had a great interview. She looked absolutely stunning as usual and we couldn’t keep our eyes off her. What did you think of Kim’s outfit?

One Response to “Kim Kardashian Ripped Dress”

  • Kim I think ur the most beautifulest girl I ever layed eyes on ill treat u like everyday was ma last wit u godblessed u beautiful cant discrible how adorible u r

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